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Default shutting down problem during movies

i have a very strange problem during movies(all the movies)
well the problem is thet every now and then during a movie and like i
said all the movies thet i see the softwere simply shutting down all
of a sudden without any warning or error messege just like this
and thet is most annoying not to mention te fact thet she doesn't save
new configuration thet were changed prior to the shutdown
let's say i just changed the font of the subtitles and then during the movie
the softwere shutdown i need to rechange the font size and so on
i'm sure hoping thet you will fix this problem becaues at the moment i'm using windows media player with vobsub but i still prefer bsplayer.

thanks in advance.

p.s i have win xp pro full heb and a new computer
p4 2.8

every now and then when i start a movie the voice start
but the picture windows not i mean ther is no picture only sound
and then i need to reinstall bsplayer and sometimes even delete from regedit and then reinstall it and reconfigure it whice is most annoying
and something thet i'm probbly need to do right now.
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