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Originally Posted by BSPeter
In Norton A/V's Options window:
doubleclick on autoprotect (top-left below "System") to open further options.
Click on "Exceptions" then click on button [New] (at the right)
"Browse" to bsplayer.exe
BSPlayer.exe is now selected as "excluded item"
Click [OK]
I came to the BSPlayer Forums just now because I had just upgraded to the latest BSP 1.00 810 and found that it was taking way too long to open a file.....about 30 seconds (a relatively long time when you expect to start viewing the video immediately, if not sooner).

I perused the topics in the Bug Report Forum looking for someone having a similar problem when this.....Post.... caught my attention.

It described the same problem I was having. I was very surprised to find it was the result of the Auto-Protect in my Norton AV.

Following BSPeter's instructions I "excluded" BSplayer.exe and now it opens just fine.

I would never have suspected my NAV as the "culprit". At first the reply said to turn OFF the Auto-Protect and, when I tried it, this did indeed make BSP start faster but, NO WAY was I going to disable Auto-Protect. I was relieved to then find that the final fix was to "exclude" only the BSPlayer.

Thought you'd like to know.

By the way, I have to think if this is a common occurrence there must be plenty of new users of BSP that are experiencing this but have no idea what the problem is (just like I did). Perhaps this connection between BSP and Norton's Auto-Protect could be highlighted in any setup instructions, etc.

Thank you,

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