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Default Sound Problem - mpeg2 & mpeg1


Please, I need some help here.
I just tried BSPlayer for the first time... and I have a problem with sound. :(

When I load ANY mpeg2 files (vob and svcd) I got no sound at the beginning (no audio decoder in the filter chain). So I have to select "Audio->Audio Streams->Play All" and the sound gets in (intervideo audio decoder now get pinned).
Interesting is that I see 2 streams on the menu, even if there is only one stream of audio. But no matter if I select stream1 or stream2, I still get no audio. Only if I select both streams (play all) I can get the audio playing. And the most annoying is that I have to do this every time I load a new file.

With mpeg1, I don't have two stream of audio on the menu, and I can't make the audio play no matter what. Again there is no audio decoder on the filter chain.

I'm using:
- WindowsXP-SP2
- Intervideo Video Decoder
- Intervideo Audio Decoder (with AC3 Filter problem remains)
- Output: System Default

I can play all those files perfectly with other player like MPC or ZoomPlayer, but I would like to do it with BSPlayer. 8)

Thanks a lot for any help, :D
- muaddib
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