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Default Multiple displays and fullscreen mode bug

I am using two displays in Windows XP SP1. The primary display is my monitor, running at 1280*960. My secondary display is my 24" tube TV set, running at 800*600. A higher resolution than that makes it impossible to read any type on it. I use this TV display to watch movies stored on my computer.

I've used WMP, Winamp, and DivX Player. With all of those, the full screen mode behavior is the following: I open the application on my primary display. I start the movie and drag the video window to my secondary display, the TV set. Once it's there, I turn full screen on. The video window expands to 800*600. This is what I expect to happen.

However, with BSPlayer, it will fullscreen to 1280*960, the resolution of my primary display (which is not the one the video is being played on!) This makes it impossible for me to use BSPlayer to watch movies. If I fullscreen, the video is too big to fit on the screen, so I have to manually resize the window to 800*600.

Now that I've reported that, I have to say I am absolutely blown away by all other features and performance of BSPlayer. It is quickly on its way to becoming my media player of choice. However, I'd really need the above problem taken care of.

Thanks for reading!
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