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Well, I am not sure what happened, but I think it more or less works now (BSPlayer with DirectVobSub, I mean). I didn't actually make any changes that would have caused it to work, so I don't really know what happened.

However, I did burn the movie on CDR, the movie that I was having problems, and I was able to play the movie normally from CD, using BSPlayer (and DirectVobSub to display the subtitles). It didn't work completely normally. I had to quit and re-start BSPlayer a few times, to get it to work, because there was always something wrong with the display. Sometimes there was no video (just black screen), or sometimes the video would be fine in a smaller window, and when I switched to full-screen, the video became a mess, and stuff like that. Changing the "Video Rendering" option in BSPlayer didn't seem to make much difference (I switched back and forth between "VMR-9", and "VMR-9 (renderless)" and using the overlay-mode options. The only thing that seemed to fix it was quitting and re-starting BSPlayer. Weird.

I guess it means that I haven't fixed anything. It just works a little better than a few days ago. So, if anybody has more thoughts on this, feel free to post. :)

I also went back to the same movie, which I also have on the hard-drive, and tried playing it again. This time, BSPlayer didn't crash as readily as it did a few days ago (when I first posted about this). As before, Windows Media Player still plays the movie fine (except for that sync problem I mentioned). Also as before, when I removed the subtitle files from the movie's directory (the idx/sub files), the movie played with no problems.

But I think I have found what might be a related problem with DirectVobSub (DVS). When I play a movie that requires DVS, my CPU load gets maxed out. It doesn't matter whether I use Windows Media Player (WMP) or BSPlayer (even when I play the movie in GSpot), the CPU usage jumps to 100% whenever I'm using DVS for the subtitles, and it stays between 90% and 100%. This doesn't happen on non-subtitled movies. Also, for the subtitled movies, when I remove the idx/sub files from the directory, and play the movie, the CPU usage remains between 20% and 50%.

When I check this out in Task Manager, and look at which apps are using up all the CPU time, it just says that the movie-player is using it (whether it's BSPLayer or WMP). But I'm convinced that the problem is due to DVS.

I believe that this max-CPU-load problem is the reason why the video sometimes goes out of sync with the audio (in BSPlayer, WMP, and GSpot). I mean, I guess the solution is just to make sure that I have no CPU-intensive processes. But I was wondering, does anybody here have a tip for configuring DVS (or BSPlayer) to cut down on the CPU use while showing subtitles?

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