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So *cough*, ...

I wonder, what is this chinese movie title?

About codecs:
There is absolutelly no need to instal Morgan Stream Switcher. To get right codecs, uninstall all codecs (including all versions of VobSub\VSFilter) and refer to this thread:
from those codecs install divx, xvid, ac3, matroska splitter, ogg and VSFiter. Don't install ffdshow.
That alone may help with playing problems (this is IF you really uninstall every codec that you installed before)

About VobSub:
If you have sub/idx you need to make VobSub run with BSplayer, also that's the only way to see those chinese ^^ subs in BSPlayer.

About SubRip:
personally I just HATE idx/sub subitltes, so everytime I get it I convert it to normal (== text) subtitles. I recommend that way. To do this:

get SubRip from

Then for every subs
  • open vobs
    open IFO
    open idx file from the idx/sub pair
    click on clear text file and reset IF they are available
    now I have to recall from memory...
    You will see program asking you what the highlighted letter(s) is(are), insert correct answer into box.
    Warning! if you want your subs to use italic letters, remember to check "i" box when needed. Though it may cause troubles, so for the first time just enter them as normal letters.
    Program will learn how each letter looks, and after some time it will stop asking you, and do the rest of the job by itself.
    When finished converting, in the subtitles box click on the green button (with magic wand) and click correct!
    Then save the subs.
    Check if they really are saved.
Repeat that for every sub/idx pair for that movie.
If you exit the program, and don't save matrix, they you will need to input all letters from the beginning.
One matrix is useful only for one movie.

After converting you may want to check spelling with MS Word or similar tool.
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