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Because I don't like codec packs.
I understand that it didn't gave YOU any problems. But the main problem with codec packs is that there are some people who don't have any problems with it and what they do is tell another people that they don't have any problems. Then those other people install codec packs and they start having problems. One thing is sure - if codec pack have install option to choose what codec/filter to install, then person who know what to do will install everything properly. Unfortunatelly most people don't know what to install. Also codec packs sometimes have some veeery strange codec/filters., as well as a little bit outdated codecs.
I heard people saying the same thing as you about other codec packs, and I'm very sceptical about such things.

What your codec pack have:
# Alexander Vigovsky's AC3Filter [Version: RC 5] [New!] - ok, that might be worth checking, cause ac3 0.70b is quite old.
# CyberLink MPEG-2 video decoder [Version:] - huh? what's that ? Why you need to install that?
# DivX ;-) audio codec [Version:]1 - that I don't know, is it the only way to decode ;) audio?
# DivXNetworks DivX Pro video codec [Version:]2 - ok
# Undercut's hacked Microsoft MPEG-4 video decoder [Version:] - hacked? don't like that word
# XviD video codec [Version: 1.0.1] - 1.0.2 is out already

will it decode ogg audio?
will it decode matroska?
will it allow sub/idx subtitles playback?
what about 3ivx?

That's of course only my personal opinion.
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