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Default (Pro) Subtitle Editor suggestions

For bug reports, see my posts in appropriate forum. Here go a few suggestions I have after using the Subtitle Editor for a few days.

* When double-clicking on a line in the editor (in the top list of lines), the viewer synchronises with the frame corresponding to the begin-time of the line. This is a great feature, but it would be handy if the focus were set to the viewer window when this happens, as I then usually press SPACE to start the movie at that point, and have to manually click on the viewer so that it captures the key-press. Alternatively, and maybe more useful, the following could be done: unless the focus is on the editing field, pressing the SPACE (or the appropriate custom key) starts/stops the movie.

* Overlapping and negative duration indicator - some sort of red LED or something would be useful. Also a global search function for these irregular lines in a file would help a lot.

* A time-frame indicator up to the millisecond of the movie. This could be overlayed on the viewer when the Subtitle Editor is open. Now I have to revert to full-screen and read the time (up to a second accurate) on the long horizontal whatchamacallit which appears at the bottom of the screen.

* Add new line at current time. This would be useful when lines are missing and you stop the movie exactly where you want the line to be.

* Some way to adjust the Start/Stop/Duration spin-edit steps to less than 100 ms. Maybe pressing SHIFT for 10 ms and CTRL for a 1 ms step while you klick on the up/down arrows of the spin-edits?

* An option to lock the duration of a line while you adjust the begin-time

* Automatic check for and removal of CRLF (\n) at the very end of a line, and possible double \n\n in the line.

* Show the time-distance (dif between begin times) to the previous and next line.

Well, that's all I can think of for now :)
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