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Old 31st December 2002
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ok, i'm not sure where you meant, but this is the info i found. under:

My Computer>Control Panel>System (brings up system properties dialogue box)

there are 5 tabs: general, network identification, hardware, user profiles, advanced

looking under the hardware tab i see these sections: hardware wizard (with hardware wizard button), device manager (with buttons driving signing and device manager), and hardware profiles (with hardware profiles button)

that's all. no info really.

under the general tab i DO have this, but i don't know what it means:

x86 Family 6 model 6 Stepping
AT/AT compatible
326,132 kb RAM

i know the ram and AT/AT lines... the others i have no clue. am i looking in the wrong place? can i get the chipset number off of a bootup sequence or something?

looking in the device manager section of device manager, i see the whole slew of devices, but nothing specifically stating video chipset. i only have things like:
display adapters
multifunction adapters
sound, video, and game controllers
system devices

i would suspect it would only be in those sections, as opposed to all the others. like it wouldn't be under hard disk controllers for example. the problem is, i don't know WHAT i am looking for, as in what it would be called. looking under sound, video, and game controllers menu tree i have: audio codecs listed, aureal vortex stuff, legacy audio drivers, legacy video capture devices, media control devices, and video codecs. the other choices are like midi device and game port stuff. would it be one of those options?

there is one other thing that looked like it could be it (keeping in mind i have no real idea), that was under the system devices menu tree, the option for "Intel(r) 82810 System and Graphics controller". the graphics caught my eye.

so, am i remotely close to finding this info or do i have to open the case of my comp and search in vain for it on the motherboard?
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