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Originally Posted by Garet_Jax
So *cough*, ...

I wonder, what is this chinese movie title?
Actually, it's "Once Upon a Time in China", the first one :) . I can post the torrent file in here, if you want to download it yourself (along with torrents for the 2nd and 3rd movie in this series). I don't know what the rules in this forum are, when it comes to this sort of thing :) . You can also search for the torrents yourself at Suprnova's search engine. Very nice copy. The filename indicates that this is a rip of a "digitally remastered" version.

About codecs:
There is absolutelly no need to instal Morgan Stream Switcher. To get right codecs, uninstall all codecs (including all versions of VobSub\VSFilter) and refer to this thread:
from those codecs install divx, xvid, ac3, matroska splitter, ogg and VSFiter. Don't install ffdshow.
That alone may help with playing problems (this is IF you really uninstall every codec that you installed before)

About VobSub:
If you have sub/idx you need to make VobSub run with BSplayer, also that's the only way to see those chinese ^^ subs in BSPlayer.
Thanks for your help.
Anyway, I followed most of your suggestions here, and so far it has seemed to make no difference.

The first thing that I did was uninstall everything, as you said. I did have old divx versions installed on this PC (versions 4.x, and 3.11 alpha). And I had to go to some trouble to remove every last bit of them (it takes more than just selecting "Uninstall", it seems). This was the most time-consuming part. I also uninstalled all the other stuff: Morgan Stream Switcher, AC3 filter, Xvid, DirectVobSub, ffdshow, and whatever else. In the end, I ran GSpot to make sure that these codecs were really gone, and also checked the codec listing in Device Manager (I'm using Windows 2000 Pro here).

Then I went to the forum link that you mentioned, downloaded the files that I needed, but I didn't install everything. I just installed Divx (ver. 5.2.1), Xvid 1.02 (dated 8/29/04), AC3 filter 1.01a (RC5), and DirectVobSub 2.33. So, I haven't installed Matroska Splitter, or the OGG filter.

After doing all that, I launched GSpot and used it again to render the movie (same Chinese movie as before). It rendered fine, but during playback when the subtitles were displayed, the CPU usage went to 95-100% and stayed there. Same thing in Windows Media PLayer, and BSPlayer. Also, as before, when I play other DivX movies (no subtitles) in BSPlayer, CPU usage is 30-50% and I have no problems with playback. I don't see anything different from the way it was behaving before.

Well, it's OK. I really needed to do some "codec cleanup", anyway. :)

I have a few more questions, though.

Would installing Matroska or OGG help me here?

Also, have you ever run BSPlayer with DirectVobSub, without having the CPU-usage problems that I'm having?

I have seen posts from other people in this forum who have trouble with DVS and BSPlayer also. But does everyone have this problem? Or is it just a few clueless users who are stuck on this? :)

What the hell is DVS doing, that it causes such a drain on the CPU?

About SubRip:
personally I just HATE idx/sub subitltes, so everytime I get it I convert it to normal (== text) subtitles. I recommend that way. To do this:

get SubRip from

Then for every subs
  • open vobs
    open IFO
    open idx file from the idx/sub pair
    click on clear text file and reset IF they are available
    now I have to recall from memory...
    You will see program asking you what the highlighted letter(s) is(are), insert correct answer into box.
    Warning! if you want your subs to use italic letters, remember to check "i" box when needed. Though it may cause troubles, so for the first time just enter them as normal letters.
    Program will learn how each letter looks, and after some time it will stop asking you, and do the rest of the job by itself.
    When finished converting, in the subtitles box click on the green button (with magic wand) and click correct!
    Then save the subs.
    Check if they really are saved.
Repeat that for every sub/idx pair for that movie.
If you exit the program, and don't save matrix, they you will need to input all letters from the beginning.
One matrix is useful only for one movie.

After converting you may want to check spelling with MS Word or similar tool.
Well, if I get desperate, I might give this a try. To be honest, though, I don't really see any problems with the idx/sub stuff, except for the CPU-usage problem. Unfortunately, I haven't found any option in the DVS config that would cut down on its CPU use. But by using one of the "overlay" options in BSPlayer's Video-Rendering preferences, I think I was able to reduce the CPU usage to about 93-96%. I don't really know why it works, but after trying it repeatedly, that seems to be what happens. Although it's still extremely high, at least it allows the movie to play back smoothly, with the video remaining in sync with the audio. Otherwise, the video starts lagging behind the audio, then the video races to catch up, then lags again, then races again...not the best way to watch a movie, and it makes it harder to read the subtitles when they just flash by your screen :) .

Anyway, if you can explain (or if you know some website that does this) in a little more detail how DVS works, and why it needs to make heavy use of the CPU, I'd appreciate it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm still kinda clueless about it.

Again, thanks for your help.
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