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Default Slowing div3 to 96% for 25-->24fps unsyncs video/audio

Some of my .avis are 25fps but I know they were filmed at 24fps and have been sped up because the audio is a half-step too high. Slowing them to 96% is close enough to 95.9%, but at that speed, some of them lose video/audio sync. The video spends a few seconds falling behind, then after about ten seconds it plays super-fast to catch up. Then it starts again. At 98% there wasn't a problem. I tried using another computer with an Athlon XP 2200+ instead of my Athlon 1.2GHz, but both have the problem.

Using GSpot to check, I found that only div3 and div4 files with CBR mp3 have this problem. The very few div3 with VBR are fine. The few div5 with CBR are also fine. What can I do and can BSplayer fix this? I tried the suggested URL fourier pitch/tempo plugin and it works! The playback is now smooth, but there is a new problem!

Playing at 96%, the audio lags behind the video by a fraction of a second to a whole second. I'm guessing the plugin takes that fraction of a second to adjust the wavedata after it has been uncompressed from mp3. I agree with URL this feature request that BSplayer support shifting the audio/video sync like mPlayer. I know ac3filter does this, but that doesn't help the other files. Of course in my situation if there's something I can do now, or a new build could fix the div3+CBR sync problem I won't need to shift the video until the audio is ready.
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