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Default TV-picture "Zooming" in when in TV-mode problem :/


I though I had this fixed but after installing SP2 on XP it seems to have come back, guess my "fix" wasnt 100% good.

I have a GF4 card and the latest drivers from Nvidia (not upgraded, but did a re-install of XP not to long ago). Anyway.

What I can understand this problem is a general problem on the Nvidia drivers.

Everything works fine but when I switch to TV mode and run BSplayer (this it not the problem) and then start a movie and make it "full screen" the picture (windows desktop) gets "zoomed in" and the startbutton it just outside the tv-screen edges. I can goto a fast menu on the Nvidia icon and
get hold of the screen configurations, there I can select "standard" and the picture is fine again.

The problem is that this accours all the time it keep zooming in. Its verry irritating that the Nvidia driver cant remember this setting or what ever the problem is. I want the standard size of the picture to remain regardless of what im doing on the TV-screen.

And yes, im not using dual view and I use 640*480 becaus I cant see what im doing on the TV otherwise.

I have been using TV tools, different versions before but this problem has been around for a while now. So my guess is that Nvidia has problems.

My question is, anyone know how to fix this, or force the Nvidia to stick to the "template" or saved settings file or how it works in order to stop if from "zooming" in when in TV mode.

I can seem to find a solution to this problem.

Dual view might work but of what I can tell the playback aint 100% smooth with this, maby becaus my card is a GF4 ? but im not going to get a new one.

Anyone got any ideers on this problem ?

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