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Default I fixed it my self by doing this

Well, well, well seems I solved this problem with some help from someone else in here.

It is NOT the Nvidia drivers that are bad, it's bsplayer doint funny things.

If you are using standard settings in BS Player, change this

Goto prefrences -> video -> video rendering. The standard option used here is "overlay mode 1" and by switching to "forece RGB mode" BS player now dont mess up the settings or whatever it's doing.

Now I can play anything in fullscreen, go back to smaller window to navigate on the computer (when in TV mode) and then resume video and goto full screen.

Before the desktop got "zoomed in" which made the desktop icons and startbutton get just outside the TV-screen.

So I guess this problem has been around for a while in BS Player. And I think this proves it's something wrong with the way "overlay mode 1" and how BS player brings the video to full screen, that zooms the picture.

This problem can't be tested on ordinary computer screen because you cant zoom the picture since you cant get to the settings as you can when you are in TV-mode

Hope this helps some other persons that have this problem too. This problem probably will happend regardless if you use TV-tools or not etc.

But im not sure.

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