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Originally Posted by LSDSkunk
I looked at you homepage today. I have to say that it has potential, but did not live up to my personal requirements.
Here is a little constructive critisism:

1st of all: I would like a simple FAQ page witch details a few simple problems and solutions.

2nd: A changelog would be nice :)

3rd: I looked at the picture section, expection a few images of your setup: your keyboard and other things, but found some pictures of your 8 port switch. :roll: Is this your personal homepage or is it intended as the products gomepage?

4th: Check that your pages work in most of the popular browsers, in this case your page looks wierd in Opera.

5th: You should really stop encoding your homepages in Unicode. I suggest you start encoding them in ANSI. This may fix alot of graphical problems with Opera and Mozilla.

6th: When you think you are done with a page, use an online validator to check it for errors. I tried using the W3 Validator on your page (, and it said that it does not support the charachter encoding. Therefore, once again, you should change from Unicode to something else.

I hope you appriciate this constructive chritisism and do not take it as simple whining. :roll:
Good luck with your program. :)
i'm actually restructuring the entire web site, but im holding off on uploading the changes.

as for the "weirdness" issues of the site with opera... well, i dont have opera, therefor cant test with it. ive tested it with IE 5.5, IE6, IE 6 SP2, Mozilla 1.6, Mozilla 1.7, and Firefox 0.9. I see no weridness issues in any of these browsers. At the bottom of every single page, there is a W3C XHTML and CSS validation, and it is compliant to bolth. i have no idea is happening when you are trying to load the page.

1) as for a FAQ... well, people dont ASK me questions, so, how could i have a "frequently asked questions" section? ;)

2) the reason for no changelog is because 90+% of the changes are strictly to the API structure that doesnt effect 90+% of the users out there.. its mearly for developer purposes.

3) as for the "equipment" section, i'm working on expanding it. it will detail case-mod information, as well as equipment that i provide for a few local conventions that i attend, as well as LAN-Parties.

4) opera current only accounts for 3% of my userbase. me, as a developer, sees this as something along the lines of "small"... its not that i dont care, its that "i'm not a web developer".. i'm a programmer... every hour i shove into improving the web site, is an hour taken away from programming. see, i'm only one guy, that has to manage 100% of the codebase, 100% of the web site, and also tend to lan-party server hosting and game convention server hosting.

5) i'm using UTF-8 encoding, not UTF-16 encoding on my web site, so this shouldnt cause a problem in any browser at all. if something cant handle UTF-8, then i just dont know what to say about that.

6) again, i listed above that yes, i DO use the validator. if there was a page that WASNT valid, please give me the individual URLs. as of right now, i dont know of any pages that have issues (but i have added on some dynamically generated pages that arent fully tested yet)
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