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Originally Posted by LSDSkunk
Originally Posted by darkain
5) i'm using UTF-8 encoding, not UTF-16 encoding on my web site, so this shouldnt cause a problem in any browser at all. if something cant handle UTF-8, then i just dont know what to say about that.
Hmm.. It appears as if the validator just doesn't like some of the pages. It can validate some pages, but when i tried validating, the validator rejects it with the message:
Either we do not support this character encoding yet, or you have specified a non-existent character encoding (often a misspelling).

The detected character encoding was "utf8(unicode,worldwide)".

This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.1!
that is what i get when i try to validate the page.

also, i went and downloaded Opera last night, and the only problem i had with opera, is that it doesnt correctly render font spacing. it was adding too much space between character in the words in the left menu, therefor incorrectly started to wrap text. outside of that, the page looked exactly the same as it does in IE and Moz. the item that is happening on is the "scripting example" wich doesnt even exist in the updates that currently arent uploaded. if you wanna help make things better, i'm all for it... but as of yet, i dont have any of these weird errors that you are having, nor is the validator failing for me.
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