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Originally Posted by LSDSkunk
hmm.. i think i found a minor bug in the winamp version.
i set Ctrl+Alt+Numpad6 to skip to next track, but when i pressed the keys, winamp would skip one track entirely and start playing the track 2 positions later in the playlist. I then changed "tracks to skip" to 0, and now it's working as it should. :roll:
Perhaps it's something with the key-combo that causes the error.. idk.
i dont trust the keyboard shortcuts plugin to work at all for anything right now. microsoft has done a nice one to skrew me up the arse quite a bit... could you beleive that it reacts completely differently between XP, XP SP1, and XP SP2? and of course, none of those match Win2K, altho 2K SP3 or SP4 matches XP SP1. and then there is the NT4 code set, and the Win9x code set.... lets just put it this way, the thing is hacked together w/ so damn many variations, i dont expect anything in it to work at this point... :(
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