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Default Small guide to TV capture.

The information below is based on an PixelView BT878P+ TV card.

First, open BSPlayer, right click on main window and click on "open device".
A window will pop up, stating your capture devices. Mine say: Video: Conexant capture
Audio: Realtek AC97 audio. Just hit OK an video window will be activated. If you are lucky
and no error concerning qcap.dll will stop you (I haven't find yet a way to get rid of the error since on some cards all is ok, on some cards I get this message).

Second, after video window pops up, there is a TV station playing. Now, right click again on BSPlayer window and choose "capture settings". A new window will pop up, regarding video, audio input configuration, audio and video encoding, output file and TV tuner configuration.

Now, let's start with video input configuration.Here you can choose between Tuner input, Svideo input or composite input, depending on your TV card configuration. Next is the frame rate, Leave it on 25. On color space, mine works on YUY2. Any other setting gives an black screen. Now, on output size my card probably is limited to 352x288, as increasing the resolution force BSplayer to interpolate. And the image gets interlaced. If your card is better, probably the resolution can be incresead.

Audio input. Here you can select the input source. Normally this will be Line-In. In format choose something like 44100 Hz, 16 bits, 2 channels. That will be OK, in terms of quality and compatibility.

Now, let's go to encoding. On video encoder, select the one you prefer and configure it. I use DivX at high bitrate (256-320 KBps), as it can't be used only in 1 step configuration. On audio encoder, I select Mpeg layer
3 encoder. But no matter what setting I use, I end up with an 320 kbps, 44100 Hz file. Seems to be a small bug. If you prefer another audio encoder, feel free to use it.

On the output file, select what, and where you want the captured file to be.

Now, on TV configuration, this is simple, choose your standard configuration. Usually it is autodetected by Bsplayer from driver configuration.

For other tests I have made, concerning video\audio encoders see the post from here:
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