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Originally Posted by goety
[...]thats an open source divx codec,
Uhh, don't let them hear that! Open Source is true.

you can find it in the SLD codec pack.
search google for it.
DivX and XVid are both MPG4 codecs and the (try to) obey certain standard specifications to be MPEG4 compliant! Saying that it means that practically you should be able to play back any MPG4 encoded stream with any MPG4 decoder (remember coder + decoder = CODEC).
Actually you can use XVid decoder to properly play DivX videos. Vice versa I'm not quite sure, for XVid is under heavy development with changes nearly on a day basis (dev-branch) it's not 100% stable. You can find both a stable and a developer build at
BTW, it has an amazing quality, give it it a try and encode a little video stream!
Another way is to install ffdshow which is able to decode a lot of different formats, not only MPG4. Also it has stunning postprocessing capabilities, which are definitely useful in case you have a low bitrate 1 CD DVD-Rip!
You can find it here:
Just download the 2003-01-03 build. Though it's in alpha state it's working very well and you will hardly encounter any problem. Under
codecs tab check corresponding box if you want to decode with XVid (second checkbox from the left) instead. This way you merely use the postprocessing features. Play around.
I hope this explains it. :!:
Keep forum organized and use the search button !! :o
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