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Well I have been playing DIVX movies on BSPLAYER and it runs fine..


* AVI MJPEG codec no picture..
* MPEG2 (PowerDVD) struggles (especially if you move the slider that crashes it every time)

My computer has been giving me a headache lately , theres a problem and I cant fifgure what it is, allready Ive burned 2 powersupply units and a motherboard, expensive!

AND I DONT KNOW WHAT the problem is and I guess I lost it and gave all my anger to bsplayer, thats me though, if something doesnt work when IM in a bad mood, I go to the forum and I vent.. I guess Im the most harshest, worst consumer you will find, but you should be trying to keep consumers like me satisfied, for if you do, I figure no one else could hate you more.

Im pissed, and just watched a divx file on bsplayer, it does indeed play DIVX brillianttly and superbly, 10 times better then divx own player, this program really is a master at playing DIVX. Seeing i dont use mpeg2 anymore bsplayer should fit nicely for me and Im sure I can get along with it..

Again sorry my computer is sending me to a mental institution and its costing me heaps in trial and error!!!! AGHHH!!

Ill register BSPLAYER this friday.. cos I realised its a DIVX master. even under cpu load, it just plays flawlessly, why mpeg2 it struggles (powerdvd codec) i do not know... it works but the slider move it and your in trouble.

Anyway please pray for me so I can find this computer problem out and im sincerly sorry for my crazy outburst.
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