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Originally Posted by artam
... I want to call all people here join to arouse BST or Mat2000 again to consider the proposal :idea: posted here by vitalis on march last year and then by myself again in july, just postpone the releasing of the new version for a few days and rather publish the changed english lang file with a deadline (I think that a week is enough) and notify the "registered translators" giving them a chance to post the updated files. The new release then may contain the most recent translations. It would be great, don't you think so? 8)
I agree 100%!
Originally Posted by artam
Or another one proposal :idea: :idea: - adding the new section in the download page with the list of available languages for download and creating an option for the translators to post the files directly there. It will simplify downloading language translations for many BFUs that are unable to find this thread in the discussion forum.
I agree, but it shouldn't be anything forum-like (too messy :twisted: ) - just a clean download section, no discussions or anything, no new posts for every single build etc.
And if they don't want to "waste" room for that, then even just a link directly to *this thread* (not just "Forum") would do.
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