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OK guys, I have done some extensive tests today and want to post my results here.
I HOPE that people will chime in if they experienced different results!

The Holy Grail:
Play movies that are split in 2 or more CDs on a "virgin" PC, without ANY codecs present and BSPlayer NOT installed.
It should also be possible to "jump" from a chapter on one CD to a chapter on another CD and vice-versa.

Million-Dollar-Question: Has Anybody Managed To Do This Yet? And If So, How?

So far, what I found is the following:

1. Standalone movies on 1 CD with BSPlayer are possible!
Add the appropriate codecs in a /filter folder and setup bspfilters.dat accordingly. The following files MUST be in the root directory of the CD:


- codec-related files (xvid.dll, divx.dll etc...) depending on codec of the movie
- if so desired, bplay.exe resp. bsplay.exe (the only purpose of these files is to maintain compatibility with older versions of BSPlayer)
- BSPlayer.xml (contains all the user-defined settings; if not present, BSPlayer will load the default settings.

2. Switching between multi-CD movies works but ONLY if a copy of BSPlayer is installed on the hard disk
(regardless of the value of RunHD= in the ini/bsi file and regardless of whether the codecs are also installed.)
Refer to the documentation and posts to write your ini/bsi file properly.

3. Switching between multi-CD movies with BSPlayer NOT installed on the hard disk DOES NOT WORK.
Can ANYBODY contradict this statement? If so, PLEASE reply and post all relevant files!!

Am I correct that this is the current status of BSPlayer as far as standalone movie CDs go?

- What is the FNameX= parameter for? The documentation says "reserved".
I tried to use this instead of FName= to make multi-CDs but couldn't tell any difference.

- What is the purpose of the file bsplayer.exe.manifest? It seems to be necessary but I don't understand why.
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