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Originally Posted by RafkeP
Goto "Options/Preferences/Key definitions & WinLIRC"
Select "Pause" and press the "spacebar"
If I'm not mistaken, you're describing the standard method of assigning the space bar to the pause function. If I do this (and there are no keys assigned to the play function), then the space bar will only function as pause, meaning that when beginning to play a stopped (non-playing) video, it will pause on the first frame when the space bar is pressed and I must press the space bar again to get it to actually play (unpause). The correct way that a Play/Pause function should behave is that if a video is not currently playing, then the video should play, not pause. I hope this is clear.

Originally Posted by adicoto
AFAIK, space bar is by default asigned to play\pause. If you go to key definition, when pressing space on the input field you will see ?????. Don't worry, the key will be asigned.
If both Play and Pause are unassigned ("???"), the space bar doesn't do anything. If I set Pause to the space bar and leave Play unassigned, then it's the same thing as above. If I assign only Play to the space bar and leave Pause unassigned, then the space bar won't pause.

Any other ideas?
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