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Default This thread is drifting away from what I had intended...

Thanks everybody for the answers re: bsplayer.manifest file, it sure answered a question that's been puzzling me for a while.

However, when I started this thread, this was just a side-question to maybe coax somebody into replying (wink, wink!)
What I am mainly interested in is the standalone 2CD movie question!

After about 60 views and 6 replies, doesn't anybody have any more thoughts about this? I am hoping to generate some momentum towards addressing this problem...
I know it's not strictly speaking a bug, rather an inherent limitation of our favorite player.

It seems to me that BSPlayer has to refer to a present value on the computer (in the registry?) to enable the CD change.
Stupid question, is this absolutely necessary?

Wouldn't it be possible to include that registry key on the CDs and somehow get BSplayer to register it from there, play the movie,
and upon exit unregister the value again? Sorry if it sounds stupid but I'm not a programmer... ;-)

Any thoughts? Any bright ideas on how to get this feature to work?
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