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Ok, BSP_SetVol and BSP_Seek now work perfectly (my error was that I sent the address of the value and not the value itself to BSplayer :P ).
And I can confirm that the volume slider on the skin doesn't follow the volume level (and no OSD about volume changes are shown).

I tried typecasting my appHWND, but it didn't work :( ...
WPARAM is (in Win32 systems) a 32bit value passed as a parameter to a window procedure or callback function, and my appHWND (Form1.hWnd) is a Long value (4byte=32bit), but with value between -2.147.483.648 and 2.147.483.647, so I typecasted it to Single (4byte=32bit), which has values between -3,402823E38 and -1,401298E-45 for negative values and between 1,401298E-45 and 3,402823E38 for positive values (but since the handle has no decimals it's of no use typecating this way...).
BTW, the value sent to BSplayer is a 32bit value, the same as WPARAM typecasted values... and the handle value is correct (I checked it with other programs that retrieve the program handle)...

I have no more ideas :?

Now the only problematic commands are: BSP_GetSkin, BSP_GetFileName and BSP_VolUp.

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