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Originally Posted by Tizio
Originally Posted by bluemoon
...but BSPlayer is supposed to play .wmv on it's own, right?
As far as I know the answer is NO, it's not right.
BSplayer can play almost all the media files you have on your pc, but only if you have installed the proper codecs!
Have a look at the adicoto's list of codecs to know what you need for which media type.
See this post for WMV files.

If you search the forum you'll find a lot of messages saying "DON'T USE CODEC PACKS"...

For .mov files is the same as for .wmv, you need the proper codec, so you have to install QuickTime or QuickTimeAlternative.

For RealPlayer movies, BSplayer "was" able to reproduce them with RealAlternative installed on your pc, but with later RealAlternative versions there are problems... (search the forum for more info)

Originally Posted by bluemoon
Sometimes I when try to open a .mov, I still get the file error, but if I drag the file to the BSPlayer GUI, it plays as it should.
It's a strange behaviour... Have you registered that filetype to BSplayer?

I hope this can solve some of your problems... :)
If you need more help we are here

P.S. Have you read BSPeter message "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING"?
Hi Tizio, thanks for the answer.

I'm continuing to have all sorts of wierd problem.

I thinks it may be due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what I should have done from the beginning.

I did read the faqs, but for one thing I had k-lite installed before I came here.

To test things, I googled sites for wmp video clips, & came up with odd results.

Like I said before, with wmp 7.1 installed, bsplayer seemed to work very well in conjunction with Media Player classic at playing .wmv both local & embedded.

I can still play locally, but now when I went to a place like yahoo movies, first I could only get audio, & when I went back to try again, It was told to upgrade from wmp 7.1 to wmp9.

Fact is, it got even worse elsewhere. From no video to that "Can't Open File" error, to both bsplayer & Firefox crashing, to freezing my system altogether.

I downloaded the wmp6 & WM9 codecs, but since I'm due for an OS reinstall anyway, I'm gonna reformat, start from scratch & stay away from k-lite or any other installation packages, which I wouldn't be surprised is at the root of the problem.

I'll get back & let you know what success I achieved &/or if I need further assistance.


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