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Originally Posted by adicoto
For those I recommend XviD 1-1.02
Are you referring to the XviD 1.1.0-beta2 release offered at

The link to the Koepi home page is not working, but I found them here

According to them, the latest stable binary is XviD-1.0.3-20122004.exe (621kb), & XviD 1.1.0-beta2 is the latest unstable binary.

Please confirm the best XviD version to use so I can follow up on all your advice.

I know we are supposed to stay aways from codecs packages, but does that simply mean not to arbitrarily install everything in the package?

For example, is there any reason I could not safely install such items as BSPLayer & XviD-1.0.3-20122004 from the K-lite package, as long as I do not include all the other parts of the package?

Originally Posted by adicoto
For WMP files such as WMV and ASF use asftools, WMPcodec8 and 9, WMFdist, wmv9VCMsetup and WMtools. That should do. But WMP8 coedc can be installed only if you have WMP7 installed, IIRC.
All I'm mainly interessted in is playing local video files & streaming video, hopefully using BSPlayer for essentially all possible formats it is suited for. Nothing fancy.

Certainly I want any sound issues dealt with, but at the moment music is not my focus.

I checked out asftools, WMFdist & WMtools. Is it possible I could simplify the process a litle without scarificing any of the functionality I'm looking for. Do I really need these to accomplish my goal? Can you tell me what the value would be for each of them?

They sound like items to be better utilized by an advanced user.

I found a version of WMtools at

According to them,

This software is no longer supported by Microsoft. The reason I have posted this software here is because the newer version of Windows Media Tools disables the playback and encoding of mpeg4v3 avi files, and with all the mpeg4 avi files floating around the net, we need something to view them. If you would like to download the newer version of Windows Media Tools, visit the Windows Media Homepage.
What would you advise?

Hoping I could avoid WMP7.1 install, but as long as BSPlayer or MPC can handle all the playback & streaming formats then it's not that big a deal to let it sit & collect


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