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Default Regarding the loading of subtitles

Hello. I think this is kind of a weird question to ask, but I'll give it a go:

I like to keep my videos ordered in a particular way. For each of them, I have subtitles in different languages. Those subtitle files are kept in the same directory as the video, and are named after the language.

But if the video is split -for example- into 2 CDs, then there are 2 subtitle files for each language, with preceding " - CD1" and " - CD2".

For example:
Video: Whatever.avi

Another example:
Video: Whatever - CD1.avi and Whatever - CD2.avi
English - and English -
Russian - CD1.sub and Russian - CD2.sub

I'm looking for a way of making the video player to look for these subtitles everytime a video is loaded, and if they are found, to load the English subtitle(s).

This would be useful especially when the film is split into 2 or more CDs, since the current procedure is: Load CD1.avi, load subtitles for CD1. When CD1 reaches its end, CD2.avi is automatically loaded bt BSPlayer, but not the subtitles for CD2, so I have to manually open them, which kind of interrupts the whole act of watching something.

Of course, I've thought about many things: command-line parameters, script files, etc. I just don't know which would be the best approach. Some way of telling BSPlayer of always loading subtitles starting with the word 'English' would be perfect, but is that possible? And, of course, it will have to be smart enough to figure out which subtitle corresponds to which CD.

I hope it's clear as water, and that there's a quick solution. Thanks in advance, Red.
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