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Default Player freezing when I try to "Open Device" (TV Tu

The System:
Athlon 2500+ on Abit NF7-S 2v0 with 1GB Kingmax TBGA DDR400,running a fresh install of WindowsXP Pro SP2 & I have installed BS Player Pro 1.32 build 820.
My TV tuner device is an ATI All-In-Wonder 8500DV, & I am running the latest Catalyst package (5.7).

The Problem:
When I try to enter capture mode (whether by selecting "Open Device" from the right click menu of the player's main window, or via the Winblow's "Start Menu") the source selection window appears as it should, however, when I click "OK" on it, the player freezes completely. I get no error message at all, BSPlayer just freezes imediately, to the point where I can't even shut it down via winblow's "Task Manager". I must then reboot to get rid of the frozen player window & Task Manager entry.

When the "Source Selection" window appears, the Video source is set to "ATI Rage Theater Video Capture" & the Audio source is set to "Nvidia(R) nForce(TM) Audio", so it would seem BS player is looking for the correct devices.
I know that the device & drivers are functioning correctly, as the TV tunner component of the ATI MMC functions fine (though while MMC's tunner works, it has other short commings that leave me to wanting to explore 3rd party software).

Is there a known incompatability with ATI All-In-Wonder cards ?
Or is it just because the tunner on an 8500DV All-In-Wonder is actually philips digital tuner (Not digital as in HDTV signal reception, digital as in it's circuitry. It Still only tunes into analogue transmission signals)?
If it is a known incompatability issue, will support for this tuner ever be added in the future?
If not, why ?
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