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I forgot to reply to your other post; sorry about that.

When someone says "remote control" I immediatly think of "Girder", imo the best software for remote controlling other software.
I've looked through the Girder forums and found that the Wincinema remote is not supported.

So I think if it was easy to do, it would have been supported by Girder.

I don't have a wincinema remote myself so I can't check anything.

It looks to me that this is a remote control specificly designed to work with WinDVD. WinDVD is probably written to directly communicate with the remote without using standard windows components such as "keyboard shortcuts" or "messages".
If that's the case chances are very small that you could ever control another program with it.

Then again: it's just my feeling and I could be completely wrong :D

If you want an alternative I suggest you make yourself one of those DIY IR remote controls. That one can be used which almost every IR remote control available. Total cost of the receiver is below 5$.
Then you can use it to control BSPlayer via WinLIRC (free) or Girder (37$ but better)
I have collected the neccessary information about this one my website over here
It's an old page which probably needs some reworking, but the schematics and principles are still valid.

Rafke P.
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