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Default Which video rendering mode?

Which video rendering mode to choose in latest BSPlayer 1.36?
Im using GF4Ti4200 and 56.72 drivers (last good one that fully suport TVTool). Currently using Overlay Mixer...Seems best picture quality..

What is the difference between:
- Internal renderer Direct Draw surface
- Internal renderer overlay
- Internal renderer RGB mode
- Internal renderer RGB overlay
- Overlay Mixer
- VMR7
- VMR7 renderless (i know that this is mode for using VMR7 mode with subs)
- VMR9
- VMR9 renderless (i know that this is mode for using VMR9 with subs)

And which one should be best in my case (watching movies on TV via TVout in 768x576 resolution via TVTool program)


I just noticed that internal support for VobSub subtitles (idx/sub) won't work with Overlay Mixer, VMR7 and VMR9 (movie doesn't start, all I got is black screen)...but works with interlal renderers and VMR renderless 7 but not VMR9...
If I disable VobSub suport in BSPlayer and and use external DirectVobSub filter, movie play normaly with subs in any of rendering modes....
I think there are still a few bugs with VobSub subtitles (idx/sub) support.
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