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Tizio will become famous soon enough

Here it is!
About								F1						F1
Add bookmark							ALT+I						ALT+I
Always On Top							CTRL+A						CTRL+A
Always On Top Ovr mode						SHIFT+A						SHIFT+A
Aspect anamorphic												
Aspect ratio 16:9						SHIFT+2						SHIFT+2
Aspect ratio 4:3						SHIFT+3						SHIFT+3
Audio stream volume cycle					CTRL+S						CTRL+S
Boss button							F10						F10
Capture frame - "What you see"					SHIFT+P						SHIFT+P
Capture frame - original image size				P						P
Chapter viewer							CTRL+V						CTRL+V
Close movie							CTRL+F4						CTRL+F4
Custom Pan-scan							SHIFT+O						SHIFT+O
Cycle aspect ratios						A						A
Cycle audio streams						SHIFT+S						SHIFT+S
Cycle subtitles													
Cycle video streams												
Decrease brightness						END						END
Decrease Brightness (HW)											
Decrease Contrast (HW)												
Decrease Hue (HW)												
Decrease playback rate by 1%					F6						F6
Decrease playback rate by 10%					SHIFT+F6					SHIFT+F6
Decrease post porcessing					F8						F8
Decrease Saturation (HW)											
Decrease subtitle font size											
Dedynamic filter decrease amplification										
Dedynamic filter decrease pre-amplification									
Dedynamic filter increase amplification										
Dedynamic filter increase pre-amplification									
Desktop mode							D						D
Edit bookmark							ALT+CTRL+I					ALT+CTRL+I
EQ								ALT+G						ALT+G
Exit Full Screen						ESC						ESC
Fast forward							CTRL+F5						CTRL+F5
Fast rewind							CTRL+F6						CTRL+F6
Free resize down (in full screen)				CTRL+NUM 2					CTRL+NUM 2
Free resize left (in full screen)				CTRL+NUM 4					CTRL+NUM 4
Free resize right (in full screen)				CTRL+NUM 6					CTRL+NUM 6
Free resize up (in full screen)					CTRL+NUM 8					CTRL+NUM 8
Full screen switch						F			Mouse Left+DblClick	F			Mouse Left+DblClick
Increase brightness						HOME						HOME
Increase Brightness (HW)											
Increase Contrast (HW)												
Increase Hue (HW)												
Increase playback rate by 1%					F5						F5
Increase playback rate by 10%					SHIFT+F5					SHIFT+F5
Increase post porcessing					F7						F7
Increase Saturation (HW)											
Increase subtitle font size											
Jump backward							,						,
Jump forward							.						.
JumpToTime							CTRL+J						CTRL+J
Load subtitles							CTRL+L						CTRL+L
Move picture down (in full screen)				NUM 2						NUM 2
Move picture left (in full screen)				NUM 4						NUM 4
Move picture right (in full screen)				NUM 6						NUM 6
Move picture up (in full screen)				NUM 8						NUM 8
Move subtitles down						SHIFT+DOWN					SHIFT+DOWN
Move subtitles up						SHIFT+UP					SHIFT+UP
Movie mode							M						M
Mute								CTRL+M						CTRL+M
Next								B						B
Next CD								SHIFT+B						SHIFT+B
Next Chapter							CTRL+B						CTRL+B
Open audio file							SHIFT+L						SHIFT+L
Open movie							L						L
Original aspect ratio						SHIFT+1						SHIFT+1
Pan In														NUM +
Pan Out														NUM -
Pan-scan							O						O
Pause								C			SPACE			C			SPACE
Play								X						X
Playlist							ALT+E						ALT+E
Preferences							CTRL+P						CTRL+P
Prev								Y						Y
Prev CD								SHIFT+Y						SHIFT+Y
Prev Chapter							CTRL+Y						CTRL+Y
Refresh skin							CTRL+R						CTRL+R
Reset								NUM 5						NUM 5
Resize movie window -						Wheel Down		NUM -			
Resize movie window +						Wheel Up		NUM +			
Seek backward							LEFT						LEFT
Seek forward							RIGHT						RIGHT
Select chapter													
Show HW Color controls dialog											
Show/Hide main window						H						H
Show/Hide movie time						I						I
Skins								ALT+S						ALT+S
Stop								V						V
Subtitles on/off						S						S
Subtitles time correction - (small steps) / Vobsub dec speed	SHIFT+LEFT					SHIFT+LEFT
Subtitles time correction - / Vobsub dec delay)			CTRL+LEFT					CTRL+LEFT
Subtitles time correction + (small steps) / Vobsub inc speed	SHIFT+RIGHT					SHIFT+RIGHT
Subtitles time correction + / Vobsub inc delay			CTRL+RIGHT					CTRL+RIGHT
Switch repeat modes												
Switch time/frames												
Switch wait for vertical-blank					SHIFT+V						SHIFT+V
Video info							ALT+3						ALT+3
Volume Down							DOWN			Mouse Left+Wheel Down	DOWN			Wheel Down
Volume Up							UP			Mouse Left+Wheel Up	UP			Wheel Up
Zoom 100%							2						2
Zoom 200%							3						3
Zoom 50%							1						1
Zoom in (in full screen)											
Zoom out (in full screen)
Since the list is not correctly aligned, I posted you also the TXT file with the list (download it here)
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