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Default Please help!! Playback problems

I'm having a huge problem with the playback of an .avi file. It's a synchronization problem - the playback is slow, kind of skipped, and the audio comes before the image.
I tried playing it on Media Player, but the same thing happen, except the playback is even slower (it's like slow motion). Plus the Media Player often freezes when I try to open this file. There was this ONE time though that I was able to play it perfectly on MediaPlayer, with perfect synchronization, but then it freezed when I tried to pause the playback, and it never played perfectly again.

Forgive me for I'm a bit of a computer illiterate really, the only information I know about my PC is this:
Windows 98
Pentium III

:arrow: BSplayer 1.36 Build 825 5 sep 2005

:arrow: codecs:
ffdshow 20040225
vxid 1.1 beta2
divx 5.2.1

:arrow: DirectX version 9.0C

:arrow: GSpot says:
"DirectShow claims to be able to play the file. The following combinations of filters were used:

AVI Splitter (Splitter)
ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder (Video Decoder)
Video Renderer (Video Renderer)
MPEG Layer-3 Decoder (Audio Decoder)
Default DirectSound Device (Audio Renderer) "

:arrow: BSplayer says that these are the codecs used to play the file:
MPEG Layer-3 Decoder v1.5 build 50
Defaul DirectSound Device
ffdshow MPEG-4 video decoder

(the post-processing in the codecs is disabled, by the way, as well as the "Support Generic Mpeg-4" option in Divx).

Can you guys help me, please?!?! I'm desperate
thanks in advance
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