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Old 17th October 2005
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I have both the stand alone Real Altyernative 1.44 & Quicktime Alternative 1.52 newly installed. Uninstalled RA 1.41 & QTA 1.48.

For me, sometimes bsplayer will automatically load & play realplayer files by default; the realplayer file accompanied by a bsplayer favicon.

Other times, like right now for instance, I must drag the realplayer file to the bsplayer GUI, & then click the play button. No bsplayer faviicon.

If I click on a realplayer file after another file has been played, bsplayer will open, but selecting the play button will laucnh the previously used file, not the realplayer file

.rm files are associated with bsplayer in "File Types"

Local Quicktime files always launch & play bsplayer by default.

I was using the bsplayer from the K-lite mega package v1.32.

I just installed version 1.36 build 825 from K-Lite 1.38.

MPC & bsplayer are the only things I have installed from the K=Lite package.

My only other issue is that when I installed Quicktime Alternative, the settings indicated that I was missing some Quicktime files.

Occasionally I will run into a site that says it requires a "missing plugin", that is subsequently identified as "Apple Quicktime"

The only soluition supposedly is to download & install a full version of Quicktime, which I'm not about to do.

Could be a quirk of Firefox I guess, but would like tio know if there is a workaround for this.

Aside from that everything seems to be working fine, but I haven't tested this current bsplayer version on any web pages yet, so I don't know if there are any needed setting adjustments or codecs that need reinstalling.

just install NeXusRV10_MKV_Filtres
What is this? I find no description of it.


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