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Default Re: Overlay and YUV -> RGB conversions problems

Originally Posted by Dimetron

Unfortunately the Overlay Mode does not work on my P1-233 with DirectX9 and an old Matrox Mysticque (4MB) with newest Drivers on Win98. If i disable the "use overlay option", i dont receive the "overlay failed" message, but the video (divx) flickers. I see alternating a black screen and a picture from the video. (but that, very fast).

The "force RGB" Mode is to slow for me.

What can I do ? How can I check, correct the YUV->RGB conversions, so that i can watch the video without flickers.
Besides, I use ffdshow as divx decoder. On other computers that works very fine.
Same problem here. My configuration is same (except for cpu, which is an AMD K6 200MHz). I've also the latest driver and bios installed. The Mystique doesn't support overlay, but it has yuv->rgb conversion, even if it works only on 16 and 32 bits screens. It's a pity that the screen flashes, as the replay speed is so great in this mode. When I play a movie in windowed mode, the window if at first filled with garbage (black lines on white background, or trashed copy of a part of the desktop) and the video switches constantly with this garbage. Only when I switch to full screen mode (and back) the garbage disappears. I hope it's not a hardware fault! Could be something done to rectify this problem?

Your sincerely,
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