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Default a backround for chapter viewer ?

what i'd like to see is a customizable backround image while in chapter viewer mode.. it could be something like hiting CtrlV,pausing the player,poping a backround image and on top of that the chapter images.
If that's too dificult , it could be something like keep playing ,the movie but switching to widescreen and the chapter images apear in a row on the top black stripe just like subtitles apear on the bottom black stripe?
I don't have a clue on cbf files and how do they work but is there any chanse we could also have some day customizable placing of the chapter images?

(i hope i've used the right words -english is not my language)

(and i'm also not sure if "widescreen" is the right term.. is it 16:9 mode? sorry, i'm not sure but i hope you can understand what i mean) :oops:
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