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Default Again strange bug with pan-scan size in full screen 1.36 825

Again I found a bug in pan-scan picture size in full screen.

Play any avi video file, switch it to the full screen, and with "-" key, pan-it out to some minus percentage size, like -9 or -10%.
Now close that avi file, and than open any other avi file, switch it to the full screen, you will see that video size is paned-in by the same percentage but in opposite pan direction, like +9 or +10% in Pan-in size.
You can check, pan size percentage in full screen with "-" and "+" keys. Check the osd values.

I'm asking BSplayer team, is there any chance that you can correct this pan-scan bugs in any future version, and please don't ignore my posts.

If you don't understand explanation and reproduction of this bug, please ask me, and I will explain it even better, but don't ignore this.

We talked about this problem on some other forum and we found over 50 users which vouch and acknowledge for this bug, on many platforms and on different hardware, Matrox, Ati, Nvidia on many operating systems with lots of different drivers.

Please just tell us do you plan to fix this bug.
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