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Originally Posted by bluedan
I'm sorry to say so, but your hardware/CPU is to slow. Both of you!
At least, assuming a usual MPEG4 video resolution -I'm sure it's DivX or XVid in your case- of let's say 640x480 played at full screen size, it takes a PIII with 400MHz to play back smoothly.
All MPEG4 decoding is done by the CPU and thus consumes much power.
Doing YUY2 -> RBG conversion on top of that is a killer as well as turning off overlay which puts a lot load off the CPU, when switched on.
Even on my PIII@667MHz without overlay I'd have an unwatchable movie!!
I'm not sure if this is merely a speed issue: with a 512x384 DivX, the player's
Video info reports around 11-12 frames per second (but it feels like more), which are enough for my modest needs. The problem is the refresh, it looks like it doesn't wait the vertical blank before refreshing the screen, and the "wait VBL" switch doesn't help. I'm just curious to know if this is a problem related to a slow/broken Yuv conversion of the Mystique, or a bug of the player.

Originally Posted by bluedan
Contact your Aunty Kathie to collect some money for new hardware. :D
Well, if nothing else could be done it would be wiser (and cheaper) to convert the movie to a lighter format (like MPEG1-VCD). After all, I'm not going to watch many movies on my PC.

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