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Default slow machines?

I would suggest getting a card, what can handle IDCT and motion compensation with their HW (GPU to match nVidia boosting about it)... old Riva...
...and wait, perhaps we can get a way, how to implement into the FFD filters the support for HW acceleration on cards like this one...

There must be something like that, becuase DVDplayers, like Win or Power DVDs using HW acceleration on Riva cards and such other ones, so, with this, even 200MHz machine can handle large DivX movies.

Futhermore, FFD filters are far from being as fast, as possible - there are still slight decoding blurring, for example, what i want to get rid off for nicer looking movies and Milan (FFD show autor) for CPU speed reasons.

Tought, when its disabled, the resulting image are sharp and clear, but also not well suited for scaling, even HW scaling into overlay window...
Im going to say, thats scalable, tought, but it show jagged edges, after that. Thats why every doceder blurry the image slightly.

Best is Xvid, worsest DivX5. Very good results giving DivX 3.11, and excelent results (and the smallest CPU load ever) DivX 3.11 with deleted certain file - that one, that performs the blur!!!
Into one of my earlier postings i mentioned it, now i dont remember, i focuding on FFD show and finding the way, how to do IDCT with HW support from graphic side...
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