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Default Final Issue with BSP and Haali Media Splitter

I have been following BSP's reports of being "more compliant" with the Haali Media Splitter over the last few builds. I am glad to say that it almost finally works completely.

However there is still one problem I found with playing Matroska (MKV) files that contain SRT subtitles, using Haali's Media Splitter and VSFilter. Any other Matroska files without SRT subtitles, for example using SSA/ASS or VobSubs will work perfectly fine. Strangely OGMs (which can also be parsed with Haali's Media Splitter now) which have SRT subtitles do not have this issue, it is only Matroska files with SRT subs. I submitted probably a dozen or so reports of all the MKV files I had with SRT subtitles when the error came up on playing, though that was quite awhile ago. I figured I would post on the matter if clarification would help at all.

It should be a simple problem to recreate, any MKV file as long as it has 1 SRT track. The only options I ticked in BSP were 'Disabled Subtitles' (in order to use VSFilter), turn on 'Overlay Mixer' as the video renderer just to work with a generally compliant one, as well as turn on 'Allow Intermediate Filters' (I noticed 'Enable advanced graph building' is on by default now and should also be on). Without the last two from the Filter Management tab BSP seems to have serious issues creating a filtergraph for most multi-stream files, and those with softsubs. Using this setup one should be able to play all OGMs, MKVs, MP4s, or AVIs no matter what streams are within (as long as one has the correct decoder of course) using Haali Media Splitter and VSFilter with BSP except for those MKVs with SRT subs. An error window will come up which will ask you to submit the error or continue. Strangely enough if you just continue you can play the file perfectly fine, including subtitles. So I am not quite sure why there is an error at all, but one does arise. These files would normally play with BSPs subtitle rendering however I prefer to use VSFilter since it can also play SSA/ASS subtitles which is unfortunately not supported by BSP yet.

I hope you will consider this an issue even though it disregards BSP's own subtitle rendering. It would be nice if you are not required to use BSP's own subtitle rendering and disabling it did not cause issues in thse files explicitly.
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