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here is a quick list of what wmp9 doesn't do that bsplayer does [it's most certainly incomplete, I just put what I use often]

- wmp9 doesn't have any keyboard shortcut, bsplayer has plenty of useful and customizable keyboard shortcuts
- you can't navigate in a divx with wmp9 (other than using the very imprecise slider); bsplayer has 3 more ways to navigate in a movie: by time/ by small jump/ by x seconds jump
- right click menu in wmp9 is desperately empty; bsplayer's one makes many useful features quickly accessible
- You can't access your various filters settings in wmp9 (or please tell me how you do); with bsplayer it's quite easy (right click)
- wmp9 doesn't handle movies with more than one language on its own. bsplayer does.
- wmp9 can't handle subtitled movies on its own, except if the subs are in sami format, which I don't think is very popular. bsplayer handles at least subrip and microdvd formats which are the most common ones

besides that, there's the facts bsplayer allows you to define chapters for your movies, that it's less CPU consumptive, it allows you to use pan&scan and even custom pan&scan ....

many people use its winlirc compatibility for remote control

that's all I can think about right now ;)
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