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Yes, I would suggest ffdshow. It's H264 decoder output has better compatibility than CoreAVC, the filter has a MPEG Layer-2 decoder (M$ internal decoder won't connect to all sources), and the only WMA decoder I know of. So if you use the same filter for XviD(DivX) decoding there will be one filter less on your system.

with no post processing activated. Poor quality, but the files are running.
No processing can put quality where there was none. You can't expect high quality from 1 MBit/s MPEG-4 ASP. I remember Creative promised to make compressed audio sound better than the original it was created from... :lol:

I used to use ffdshow, but since they put those systray icons I noticed a little loss of performance
Tray icons? What tray icons? I used an old year 2004 build until recently I needed proper H264 support. I installed one of the newer versions and noticed no tray icons or options to turn on any.
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