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Originally Posted by J7N
Originally Posted by sleeplessrevolution
Though, in media player classic it cannot decode AC3 files.
Didn't MPC include its own internal filters, also for AC3?

I'm not sure if AC3 is included but doesn't show or maybe its not in default configuration but clearly when AC3Filter is installed it works but if its ffdshow AC3 won't definitely work. So i have to install both of them which I don't like the idea. Btw, I have MPC the latest one.

however the audio quality is not as good as AC3
AC3Filter has advanced normalization functions. They are important because most AC-3 are mastered with low volume and/or very high dynamic range. I am not using ffdshow/liba52 for AC-3 decoding myself.

Yes truly. :)

if BSplayer could only play .OGM files and VLC is very choppy when playing .OGM files.
What about OggDS filter to demux Ogg container? Doesn't it work on your system?

Iam honestly very confused with this ogg thing. It has ogg vorbis,ogm and now OggDS?.. Iam not sure what to do with this and which really is the important part to install sorry. And what do you mean by DEMUX and how to do that? Furthermore, what will happen if I do demux it? Sorry im not very good with some programmers term?

VLC don't have support for dolby digital audio yet.
Dolby Digital means the same as AC-3...

Yeah i also mean AC-3. In my VLC 0.8.4a it cannot support it properly it either produces choppy video playback, a very odd sound or no sound at all. But when i tried to use analog connection, sound and video playback is back to normal again.

I ended up uninstalling ffdshow [..] without xvid or divx codec and I was surprised to see "all of my xvid and divx video files were running just fine
Any MPEG-4 capable VFW codecs such as older XviD left installed maybe? You can use TaskInfo to see what modules are loaded.
No I've already uninstalled the (3) three main codecs xvid,divx and ffdshow as i mentioned earlier. adicato is correct by the way, Iam using the avi splitter and quartz.dll that came with my MP10 or SP2 still supports MPEG-4 files, so eventhough I don't have the three codecs in my system my avi file would still run when played.

Very nice feedback from you pal. Thanks :D
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