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Default Registry error if not administrator, ex CD (experts only!)

Hello all again. I have not been on this forum for a year but used to be quite active!

Sorry about the confusing title, it's a bit difficult to phrase my problem.

I am using BSPlayer as a "green" program - I put it along with the codec and movie on a CD
so I can watch a movie on any computer without having to install anything first.

The problem is that I noticed this only works if I am logged in as administrator or at least power user (Windows XP).
Using a limited account, the movie will start but only after the following error message appears: "Error: cannot access registry information"

Below are all the details (long post)
I use the following features:
- chapters and subtitles
- Winamp free DSP plugin (Enhancer 0.17).
- Codecs on the CD

Folder structure and files (as far as BSPlayer is concerned, I also use a complex autorun menu)







I don't use an INI or BSI file.
Instead, I use an autorun menu (QMB) that - besides other stuff - launches the movie with the command line
BSPlayer "movie\<movie>.avi" "subtitles\<movie>.srt" -fs -eend

What exactly happens is the following:
- BSPlayer starts, opens the movie.
- "Error: cannot access registry" error message appears. Click OK, movie starts fullscreen.
- Enhancer pops up (the control panel should normally be hidden), powered on but not boosting the audio.
- Even if I adjust the settings, it does not in fact affect the audio of the movie.
Otherwise, the movie is quite watchable (subtitles and chapter thumbnails work).

None of this happens when I'm logged in as administrator or power user (which is why I never noticed it at home!), only when I log in as limited user.

Since the whole *point* of the exercise is to be able to watch a movie on a computer where I *don't* have administrator access (ex: at work...),
having this error pop up each time is really quite annoying!

Why does this setup even require registry access? All files are supplied on the CD!
Is there a way I can modify my initialization file (BSplayer.xml) to avoid this error?

I am attaching the BSPlayer.xml and bsfilters.dat files.

- BSPlayer 1.36 build 825 but the error also occurs with the latest BSPlayer build - I tested it with BSPlayer free 1.41 (b832).
Went back to 1.36 immediately after (obviously I can't use an adware-supported version for my purpose!)
- Enhancer 0.17 (winamp free DSP plugin)
- Windows XP Professional SP2.

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me!
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