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Default BSPlayer 1.42.833 Issues with turning off subtitle support

There is a DirectShow filter which has been used for ages to play subtitles, it is called DirectVobSub or VSFilter. Unfortunately it seems quite impossible to turn off BSP's internal subtitle support in order to use this filter by itself. Attempting to just turn off BSP's internal subtitle rendering and use VSFilter (like any other player that can functionally access DirectShow filters) fails. Since my previous thread was ignored, having to do with VobSubs, I debugged the problem as best I could for whoever the lazy person is that didn't give a damn.

The problem specifically points to files with a VobSub track. If you enable the 'Subtitles disabled' option (not even touching the VobSub support tab) playing the file will simply crash. Now one would suppose you could turn off BSP's internal subtitle support since there is an option for it, or am I wrong? The ends here is to simply disable all BSP subtitle rendering in order to use VSFilter. Unfortunately turning off the subtitle support makes the application crash... ???

Note that the system does contain a working DShow filter to render such subtitles, VSFilter, so there should be no hub-hub about an incomplete graph being built. Which is where the kicker comes in, the file will play perfectly fine without the option 'Subtitles disabled' being turned on. However at this point you get two sets of subtitles, one from BSP and one from VSFilter.

Also something quite related but not causing any issues until the next version most likely. The 'Enable VobSub support' option does absolutely nothing. Am I taking the meaning wrong that "Disabling" VobSub support would turn off VobSub rendering? As it currently stands all VobSub tracks will display regardless of whether that option is enabled or not. It seems pretty pointless to add it to the interface.

Hopefully this shouldn't be too ambiguous to understand now. Can BSP please just work like any other normal players and be able to use VSFilter for subtitle rendering? There seems to be so much junk in the way which blocks it from happening. Perhaps a new option, for VSFilter "Support" so users can use VSFilter instead of BSP's own internal routines.
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