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Default How much have you paid for your version of BSPlayer?

Originally Posted by iive
I am staring to get pissed off. There have been months after i had posted the results of the ovrtest. I had made coments of the possible reason of the bug. But the bug still persists and in bug fixes i see unsignificant stuff like chapters and subtitles. Sorry but without HW overlay there is no HW stretching, and the software one makes bslayer drop frames. So it become usesless for me.
I never flame people but this time, what you are writing is pretty hefty!

Look, we all know that BSPlayer is a great piece of software with a couple of serious bugs left. Bst is still working very actively on his player - and besides, no-one of us knows what he is doing besides that in life.

I have been waiting too for months that a serious bug would get fixed and I wished too that it were fixed rather today than tomorrow, but
I have the decency to wait and hope for that bug to be fixed and not DEMAND for it!.

As far as I know, BSPlayer is freeware - so how dare you EXPECT "customer support"?

Sorry but people like you make me sick.

If you're not ready to be a bit nicer to people - first post in this forum and you're already aggressive - then begone!

Hope I gave some food for thought here.

And finally - you might think that HW overlay support is the most essential bug around, but other people have other priorities... IMHO, it's chapters and multi-CD support that are the most important issues left!

Cheers, Smarties :P
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