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Default ...well, well...

Very insteresting discussion, i added a comment on the Doom9 forum one, tought it still fade to gray my basic question - what the hell is a diference between mode 1 and mode2...

...altrought it seems to be obivous, that mode1 forcing YUV 420 (what is fastest and the right format for mpeg1 and mpeg4 formats (DivX, Xvid) -and maybe and probably also for other WMF formats, since IIRC only mpeg2 will use YUV 422 (YUY2), right? :?:

bluedan - one thing is, what driver tells you, and another what is realy supported. For example, on every low resolutions, including and bellow 512x384 video get verticaly halved :evil:
So, it can very good suxx when come to it.
But i believe that YUV422 works well on my GF2Ti, since DVDs get played into this - so, altrought there is no point (only slow-down) to forcing BSplay to use this format, it SHOULD work.

And maybe it should be also more properly marked, even as YUY2 and YV12 is better that Mode 1 and Mode 2, what tells you s*it about it
Tought im familiar of naming the colorspace to its quantization of signals, so, YUV 422 and YUV 420 fit best, IMHO 8)
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