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Originally Posted by grendizer
I guess nobody tested this because they prefer the BsPlayer internal support for subpictures instead of the addtionnal codec (vsfilter). Why do you prefer this other one?
Since some people have issues reading I will say it again. The problem is not VSFilter, the problem is BSPlayer.

BSPlayer + disabled subtitles + play a file with VobSubs = crash. Whether VSFilter is installed on the system or not. The issue itself is BSP's internal support, it can't be turned off in certain instances without crashing. VSFilter is not a codec, it is a DirectShow filter. As with any other working player that uses DirectShow special support should not be needed for a filter, unless of course that player has all too much crap added internally which screws everything around. I prefer VSFilter because it can render SSA/ASS (SubStation Alpha) subtitles, of which are used quite extensively in anime fansubbing. It can do everything BSP can with subtitles, and was the original filter for subtitle rendering a long time ago. And I'd also prefer not to have two sets of subtitles on my screen at once (for the other subtitle formats), so if it were possible to actually disable subtitles in BSP without it crashing that would be just swell. Not to mention since VSFilter is a _filter_ it could be used in any other player for subs, thus not limiting people to only BSP for their subtitle needs. Perhaps I've written too much though now and only the first few words will be comprehended, leaving the rest of the post summarily ignored. :(
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