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Originally Posted by BSPeter
Originally Posted by test
thats the main reason for using SRT: to look ugly and be simple.
???BSPlayer lets you choose any font in any size in any color that is installed on your PC!!!
Does it also use the fonts in the SSA/ASS subtitles? Perhaps you just aren't familiar with the format and that it allows custom fonts to be called IN THE SUBTITLE file. Might just be me, but I don't see it using any fonts whatsoever from the file. Perhaps you could elaborate?

For everyone that still can't follow directions/etc/etc. You don't need VSFilter on the system to make it crash, I've already stated this many times. If you weren't aware either the man who essentially coined the name VobSubs created VSFilter (previously called VobSub), aka Gabest. So only more bullshit if that is the excuse, but VSFilter is in no way responsible for the crash. I've reproduced this error so many times it makes me sick, on multiple VMWare Guest OS's, asked numerous other individuals to do it, and they had no problem making it crash either. I even uploaded a video in which I captured myself making BSP crash. I went through every one of the steps I am about to tell you now, perhaps I should upload it again for anyone who ignored it before?

1. Clean system of Windows. Essentially don't have it littered with lots of DirectShow filters (i.e. with codec packs)
2. Install a DivX Decoder and Haali Media Splitter.
3. Fresh install of BSPlayer on default settings.
4. Turning on 'Allow intermediate filters' and 'Enable advanced graph building'. Why these options need to exist I have no idea. However they are required to be turned on for almost every Matroska file I have tried to play in BSP. Otherwise BSP freaks out and just doesn't play the file.
5. Disable subtitles in BSP first! When I say this I do not mean turning off the stream. I mean the option in BSP which says DISABLED SUBTITLES. In which one would hope BSP subtitle support is disabled, allowing other compliant DirectShow filters to takeover subtitle rendering. This option is currently completely useless, and if you do not plan to fix it it should just be removed.
6. Play the file.
7. Watch the magical crash window open up.

Yes Haali Media Splitter is "still used." Why the hell shouldn't it be? It is the only up to date compliant Matroska splitter. It has been the official splitter for the Matroska team for well over a year now. And NO other players, which aren't a complete joke, have any issue with using it. It works in an interface as simple as graphedit. Any pointing at Haali's Splitter being the problem is once again ignoring the problem. Gabest's splitter at this point in time can only play what one might call "simple" mkv files (multiple audio and subtitle streams). It is extremely out of date with the multitude of features that Matroska can now use. If anyone is still claiming Gabest should be used in any situation over Haali's splitter, they just like being ignorant fools. Which is perfectly ok with me, I don't see this problem ever being fixed in BSP but I figured I'd give it one more shot with this post.

speedtrap has correctly reproduced the problem I have seen so many times. Though I have also said this I don't know how many times, and also been blatantly ignored. This is not an issue in the BSP releases that were made before special "haali support" was introduced. The last known working release I know of to be 1.3.2 build 820. In this build you can use Haali's Media Splitter perfectly fine, disable subtitles, and use VSFilter.
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