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Good news everyone : the first version is ready ! :D
I was in a rush to finish this so there will probably be a lot of flaws.
It was made in a day and I haven't tested it thoroughly.

This is were you come in : please test this plugin and let me know what I need to change.

The plugin is over here

To get it running put in the BSPlayer plugin directory and restart BSPlayer.
The plugin needs a file with the exact same name as your moviefile in the same directory as your moviefile, but with the extension "bcf" (BSPlayer Censorship File).

To censor a part you have 2 options : mute or skip.

To help you build this bcf file I wrote another application which you can download over here

Extract the zip-file to a directory on your harddisk and simply run the exe.
It doens't look pretty but it does the job.

How ?
Start BSplayer and the movie you wish to censor.
Press the "Start" button to make contact with BSplayer.
FFWD to the part you want to censor and press the "Censor Start" button.
Select if you want the part to be muted or skipped.
At the end of the part press the "Censor Stop" button.
Pressing the "Censor Stop" will add e new line to the bcf file.
In case you do not want to add a line move to a point in the movie that is before the point where you pressed the "Censor start" button and press the "Censor Stop" button.
When you have finished marking the parts, press the "Save"button.

I noticed it's not easy to get the correct timestamps but I don't think there is another way.

I'm always interested in how many people use my plugins, so if you do, please send me an e-mail.

Rafke P.
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