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Originally Posted by Tizio
Thank you so much Rafke!
I'll try it as soon as I can! You rock guy :)
It's amazing! I tried your plugin and I think it will be the answer to all those people who want to cut some scenes and/or skip opening themes etc..

The BCF file creation utility is really huge for what it does :shock: (but who cares? :lol: )
It will be perfect if you'll add an option to use "optionally" frames instead of milliseconds (but BSplayer developers have to add this function in the sdk first) and the possibility to edit the BCF files directly in your editor (once the file has been created it's possible to only edit it manually)
And maybe an option in the plugin to be enabled/disabled through the BSplayer plugins management window and/or through (editable?) keyboard shortcuts... :roll:
Am I asking too much? I hope no.. and sorry Rafke's girlfriend, I'll steal your guy for just few more hours :P

But it's really simple to manage.

For those who want to manually edit/create the BCF files, the rules to follow are these (really intuitive ):
1. You have to create a file with the exact same name as the movie one, and with the BCF extension:
Matrix.avi :arrow: Matrix.bcf
2. Then you have to insert/modify the information in this format:
CHENSOR_TYPE can be 0 or 1 (0=Mute; 1=Skip)
START_TIME is the time (in milliseconds) in which the chensor process will start
END_TIME is the time (in milliseconds) in which the chensor process will stop

Here is an example:
Think you have the Matrix movie with this name (Matrix.avi), you have to create a file called Matrix.bcf
Now edit your BCF file (you can use Notepad for this task). Now think that you want to skip the opening theme which lasts for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, then add this line to the BCF file previously created:
1 = Skip
0 = first frame of the movie = 0 seconds = 0 milliseconds
135000 = 2 minutes and 15 seconds = (2 minutes * 60 seconds/minute + 15 seconds) * 1000 milliseconds/second = 135000 milliseconds

Isn't it easy?

Now think that after 46 minutes and 54 (I know, I know, I could had used simpler numbers for the example :P ) seconds an actor say "S**t!" or "F***k you!" and you don't want your children (or your parents :roll: :P ) to listen to that.. Then you have to simply add this line to your BCF file
I'll leave you to do the simple math calcs, and I will only say you that it simply tells to BSplayer to mute (0 = Mute) at the given time (46 minutes and 54 seconds) for 700 milliseconds (almost a second since 1 second = 1000 milliseconds, just the time the actor took to say that words).

Your final Matrix.bcf file will have these lines now:

This way you'll jump after the starting theme and producers names, and you'll not listen to those words :D

Remember now to save the Matrix.bcf file and to put it into the same folder where the Matrix.avi file is located.

Thank you RafkeP! Your plugins are always the best
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